NRC Group  –  A market leader within the Nordic infrastructure market

NRC Group is uniquely positioned due to its capabilities covering the entire value chain required to take on complex infrastructure projects.

NRC Group operates within two main business segments, Rail and Geo

The Company’s objective in the Rail segment is to become the leading Scandinavian provider of rail construction services on the back of a long-term positive macro outlook driven by strong growth in the railway investments in both Sweden and Norway.

The Company offers solutions and services in the field of Aerial Surveying and Mapping to customers and partners in order to increase the efficiency of work processes and provide added value to customer solutions.


The Rail division is a fully integrated rail infrastructure contractor covering the Norwegian and Swedish market. The Rail division is a full-range supplier for the construction of all types of rails including train, tram and subway. Main service offerings include specialized track work, power supply and signaling work. The Rail division has all the necessary approvals to work within train, tram and subway.

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The Geo division provides acquisition, processing and modelling of geographic information. With particular focus on online services, data and solutions are provided to customers in government, enterprise and consumer markets that enables partners to create applications using the provided databases, location based services and navigation solution. The division supplies a range of mapping and geographic services that satisfy local, regional and international standards and specifications, in addition to custom solutions for specific purposes.